January 23rd, 2018

Food Education Series


Squamish CAN Food Education Series. Funded by Vancouver Coastal Health

Upcoming workshops–one a month for the whole year–register now! Located at Brennan Park. Workshops are FREE but donations to Squamish CAN are appreciated to help keep the program running.

View our events calendar to see our current courses.

If you are looking to make a donations on behalf of a workshop you attended, our donations page is here. 

Register online here 

(or choose Adult, then educational workshops). Or call Brennan Park at 604-898-3604

Contact the coordinator: Monica at monica.sqcanfood@shaw.ca


Want to preserve the harvest but don’t have the equipment? We share!

1. Waterbath Canning
Includes large canning pot, utensils, cookbook
$20 deposit
2. Pressure Canning
Includes large pressure canner, utensils, manual
$50 deposit
If interested, contact Monica monica.sqcanfood@shaw.ca

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