February 21st, 2018

Food Distribution

Food distribution programs.

Berry Mobile — Fresh Fruit Distributors


Rob Smith


Berrymobile delivers delicious, hand pickeed fruit from local BC farms and orchards.

We load fresh fruit into our delivery vans and scurry it off to your grocery store, market and to fruit stands each day.

Food Redistribution

The Food Redistribution program picks up goods that can no longer be sold by businesses and redistributes them.

Food Banks
Squamish, Pemberton, Whistler

Food banks pick up non-perishable goods from grocery stores and other collection outlets and hands them out on food bank days.
For instance, day old pastries are picked up at two Starbucks locations 2-3 times weekly. 3 bags are collected each time that would normally be thrown out and are then redistributed at the Whistler Food Bank. Also, damaged goods from Nesters and IGA, like dinted cans and damaged cereal boxes are collected and redistributed at the food bank. The Whistler Food Bank shares food when there is an oversupply with the Pemberton and Squamish Food Banks. The Whistler Food Bank is looking for more opportunities to connect with restaurants and redistribute food and reduce the amount of waste while serving our clients better.

Helping Hands Society

The Helping Hands Society in Squamish picks up food 6 days a week and does a daily pickup at Starbucks. These pickups include dairy and fresh produce.  The food is then re-distributed in the community (e.g. Healthy Pregnancy Outreach Program (HPOP), low-income seniors and families in the form of daily delivery to distributing organizations such as Cedars and Manor Seniors, Castle Rock Family Housing, Youth Resource Center, etc.). Foods might get send up to the the Whistler and Pemberton Food Banks when there is excess.  Helping Hands provides emergency hampers to individuals and families on a case-by-case basis.
The organization also takes donations from individuals and redistributes them in the form of emergency hampers for low-income groups (e.g.  Cedars Senior and HPOP, youth resource center etc.) and as daily brown bag lunches for school kids (approx. 50 a day).

Pemberton Farmers’ Market

Pemberton Farmers’ Market

Squamish Farmers’ Market

Squamish Farmers’ Market

Whistler Farmers’ Market

Whistler Farmers’ Market

Community Kitchens

Food Education