February 21st, 2018

Food Processing

Food processing in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

Birken Farms



Birken Farms produces unique low sugar jams and jellies. They also have berry bushes, trees and transplanting available on request. Teaching/consulting traditional orchardist services are also offered. Find Birken Farms goods during the summer at farmers markets such as the Pemberton Farmers Market.

Pemberton Distillery Inc.



(604) 894-0222

1954 Venture Place Pemberton British Columbia

Pemberton Distillery is an artisan distillery located in the heart of the spectacular Coast Mountains within easy reach of Vancouver and Whistler. Our philosophy is to produce fine, distinctly regional organic spirits that highlight the unique and natural character of the raw ingredients.

We are entirely family owned and operated and everyone helps out– from shoveling potatoes and hand bottling to serving up shots and cocktails at local events.

We are open year round offering highly informative guided tours that take you behind the scenes at the distillery and offer fascinating insight into the handcrafted production of artisan spirits.

Join us in the tasting room to enjoy award-winning Schramm Vodka, the world’s only organic potato vodka (made from local potatoes) and our new exclusive batch organic gin.

Skatin First Nation — Head of the Lake School — Traditional Food Preservation


The project started with a proposal to purchase four food dehydrators and $120 worth of seeds and blueberry bushes. Due to a staff change, the proposal was reframed to focus on the more traditional food preservation approach of smoking. A $500 Bradley smoker was puchased instead. The project includes a child and youth education program about preserving salmon and related cultural teachings.

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