February 21st, 2018

Meal Programs

Food banks and meal programs serve our communities.

Closing The Circle Project

The Salvation Army New Hope Cuisine Program in Squamish

Locally sponsored “Foodie Forums” these past 2 years have identified gaps in our delivery of hot nutritious meals to seniors, single parent families and the under-employed. 

Last spring Glyn Cross and Scott Rowe from New Hope Cuisine, a North Shore based Salvation Army food program made a presentation on their community-based food delivery that fills those gaps. The program combines donations from grocery stores and restaurants with a food prep training program in their community kitchen, to prepare and freeze low cost, filling, balanced and flavorful nutritious meals. A standard economy priced dinner includes one protein entrée, a potato selection, and one other vegetable. Single serving casseroles and other dinner options are available as well.

As our ‘Foodie Forums’ recognized “gaps” in our local food delivery system, interest has grown in establishing a program similar to New Hope Cuisine. The intent expressed in this letter is to bring this food option to Squamish.

These frozen meals will serve the needs of all sectors of our diverse community. From our busy commuting families to single folks at The Manor and Cedars – frozen nutritious affordable food options would be available.

The challenges of delivery storage and distribution will be volunteer opportunities to allow us all to engage further in exploring our incredibly diverse and engaging friends in community. I intend to initiate this project with the Salvation Army with Closing The Circle Project, thie goal is simply having this exciting community cuisine available in Squamish and Sea to Sky Country.     Yours in Community Riun Blackwell

Contact: Closing The Circle Project 

PO Box 812 Garibaldi Highlands V0N1T0


Food Bank Squamish at Alano Club

Susan Newman


37978 3rd Ave at the Alano Club


Squamish has a food bank that distributes food on the first and third Wednesdays of every month at 11:30am from the Alano Club, 37978 Third Ave. So far nobody has ever been turned away. The food bank is supported through food donations from Save On, public food bank drop boxes located at various locations in Squamish, various grants and cash donations from local businesses and individuals.

Food Redistribution

Squamish, Pemberton, Whistler

The Food Redistribution program picks up goods that can no longer be sold by businesses are redistributes them to food banks. For instance, day old pastries are picked up at two Starbucks locations 2-3 times weekly. 3 bags are collected each time that would normally be thrown out and are then redistributed at the Whistler Food Bank. Also, damaged goods from Nesters and IGA, ie dinted cans, damaged cereal boxes are collected and redistributed at the food bank. The Whistler Food Bank shares food when there is an over supply with the Pemberton and Squamish Food Banks. The Whistler Food Bank is looking for more opportunities to connect with restaurants and redistribute food and reduce the amount of waste while serving our clients better.

Howe Sound Women’s Centre


38021 3rd Ave., Squamish Squamish British Columbia

The centre provides hot meals and supports women and children in accessing healthy food.

Sea to Sky Community Services



Pemberton British Columbia

Pemberton has a food bank operated by Sea to Sky Community Services (SSCS) and runs every other Monday from 1 to 3pm at #6 1366 Aster St. (the old Sears office). Up to 70 people use the food bank regularly. It is predicted this number will continue to increase and that less clients will seek food bank services in Whistler with this improved Pemberton service. Emergency food coupons and food bags are also given out on occasion to SSCS clients.

Squamish Helping Hands Society


Squamish British Columbia

The Helping Hands Society provides support and services to those in need. The centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the 15 beds and meals provided, the centre has partnered with various organizations and businesses to provide other support and services for clients.

The service provides hot lunches and dinners to anyone needing it in our community (serving about 200 meals a day). The centre also provides a brown bag lunch program to all the schools in Squamish who have kids needing lunch (currently providing 150 lunches a day).  Schools also have access to the weekend grocery program, providing families with a small grocery hamper on the weekend.

Part of what Helping Hands also does is provide emergency food hampers, with volunteer delivery service, for people who can’t drive.  The food distribution program is growing substantially and redistributes about 20-30 boxes of food per week to people in our community. Anything with an over supply is always sent forward to the Whistler Food Bank and Pemberton Food Bank.

Services provided by the centre are:

Public health nurses on site bi-weekly
Outreach workers
Mental health workers
Employment councillors
Internet access
Fresh Bread 3 days a week
Beauty Day (free haircuts and manicures)
New boots

Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) — Food Bank


604-932-0113 / urgent 604-935-7717


Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) distributes food through a food bank the first and third Monday of each month from the trailer behind the Catholic Church on Lorimer Rd. from 11am to 1pm. The coordinator is also on call between distribution days to provide food during emergencies. Funding is raised through the WCSS run Re-Use it Centre to support the food bank among other programs. This support is becoming increasingly important as food donations have decreased over the years. The food bank often receives calls to help people from Pemberton access food. These clients are helped on a ?one time basis? and are directed to the Pemberton Food bank for further assistance. The busiest times at the Food Bank are in the fall and spring shoulder seasons in Whistler. Young adults access the food bank most frequently however there has been an increasing trend in the number of families with children accessing the food bank

Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) — Santa’s Helpers



The Santa`s Helpers program links sponsors with families who are struggling during the Christmas season. Each family receives two hampers, one with personalized gifts and one with enough food for a Christmas dinner including a turkey or funds to purchase a turkey, as well as about a weeks worth of staple food items.

Whistler Farmers Market Coupons


Whistler`s Farmers Market Coupons is a pilot project and a partnership between the Whistler Farmers Market and Whistler Community Services Society and funded by the Whistler Farmers Market. WCSS distributed coupons to financially restricted individuals giving them better access to the Farmers Market.

Food Education

Food Processing