February 21st, 2018

NEW-Garden Mentorship Program

Want a veggie garden in your backyard? Not sure where to start?

Our knowledgeable garden mentors can help you pick a site, make a plan, offer growing knowledge and advice, and point you in the direction of garden resources such as soil, amendments, seeds, and preserving the harvest. This program is a pilot project for 2017. As such, we will have limited capacity for mentees, so sign up soon! 


How Does it Work?

  1. Send an email to garibaldicangrow@gmail.com with your:-Name-Physical Address-Phone number-Why you want to start a garden

    -What you want to grow

    -Anything specific you want to learn

  2. We will match you with one of our mentors, then you and your mentor arrange a date and time to meet up at your yard. Payment can also be made at the first visit.
  3. A mentorship includes 2 site visits from your mentor and phone or email support throughout the growing season.


A Garden Mentor Can Help You:

  • Decide what to plant based on what does well in our climate and your space
  • Assess and enrich your soil to provide the nutrients growing plants need
  • Increase vegetable yield
  • Find garden resources, such as seeds, starts, soil, and amendments
  • Find other community gardening resources, such as seed saving and gardening workshops, food preservation workshops, and more!

How Much Does it Cost?

Cost to participate is $100, but subsidies are available if cost is a barrier. Let us know.


Sign up today and get growing! 

Our 2017 Mentors:

Barb Hinde

Barb has diverse knowledge of organic gardening, culinary and medicinal herbs, and plants in general. She has been a long time volunteer with the CAN Grow Community Gardens, with a passion for helping new gardeners get started. She is also on the organizing committees of the Squamish Farmers’ Market and the Seed Library. Among other things, Barb is a:

  • herbalist
  • retired certified organic grower, specializing in culinary and medicinal herbs
  • lived on a farm as a child, with a parent who believed that food came from a garden, not a store
  • have always grown at least part of my own food
  • am fascinated by the growing process of almost any plant
  • passionate about teaching others to grow their own food

Thomas Schneider

Thomas brings a impressive set of certifications and experiences to the garden. He is an organic master gardener, landscape gardener, permaculture designer and teacher, Canadian certified horticultural technician, and more.

Specialties and interests include:

  • design, construction & maintenance of sustainable edible and beneficial landscapes with incorporation of Permaculture design methods
  • research on organic and biodynamic food production with intitutes in the US and Europe
  • organic soil solutions, with a focus on supporting soil life
  • compost and compost tea
  • rainwater harvsting for outdoor and indoor use
  • rain gardens
  • education and workshops


Interested in becoming a garden mentor? Email garibaldicangrow@gmail.com outlining your gardening experience and specialties.