Melting Pot

Squamish CAN offers movie and discussion nights to the community completely free of charge. The series “We are all in the melting pot” presents a variety of subjects related to climate change and community well-being. During 2009, thirteen of the events were organized at the Adventure Centre with themes around the basics of climate change, green building, sustainable communities, the importance of local food production and consumption, the effects of climate change in BC, water conservation and the negative impacts of bottled water, alternative energy, and more.

Are you Ready for the Renovation?

Are you Ready for the Renovation was the title of a 2-part Melting Pot movie series and a field-trip dedicated to energy efficiency and green building during March. Squamish CAN’s Keen Green Builders took a very musical approach this time:

The movie+discussion nights focused on the potential for environmental benefits and economic savings when tackling home renovations, as well as on the currently unrealized opportunity to develop a local green construction sector based on wood as a large-scale building resource. A field-trip to Squamish Mayor Greg Gardner’s home to carry out an energy audit served as a good complement to the events.

Black Wave

Black Wave was the title of a 2-part Melting Pot movie series dedicated to oil. Back in July, Squamish CAN Coordinator Ana Santos helped the US Fish & Wildlife Service with a study on the lingering effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill 20 years later. These events were meant to bring the message home: What is the legacy of the Exxon Valdez? What do we think about the transportation of oil along our coast? Do we have any alternatives? What is our relationship with oil? What roles can Squamish play in reducing our dependence on oil?

The result was our commitment to reducing our dependence on oil in our individual lives — let’s sing out loud!

Stand Up 4 Great Bear’s Norm Hann was our special guest during the second evening, titled Oil and water… never mix? Earlier this year, Norm completed a 385 km trip on a stand-up paddleboard to raise awareness about the Great Bear Rainforest and a proposed tanker route that would allow crude oil tanker traffic along the province’s coastline. Keep up to date with Norm’s campaign here.

What’s on Your Plate?

What’s on Your Plate was the title of a 2-part Melting Pot movie series dedicated to food, local production and consumption. May 2010 was Food month for Squamish CAN – several events and celebrations contributed to marking this as a very special time of year; the movie+discussion nights, a hands-on lesson in the field with our local farmers, the start of the Farmers Market, and our ‘Welcome summer’ pot-luck!

When Being Dirty Is Good and Healthy

We organized a very successful community dinner (40 people cooking and eating together in one kitchen!) on February 23rd, 2011. It was followed by the screening of Dirt! – A story with heart and soil (see trailer here). If you missed the event, you can always borrow the movie from Squamish CAN’s DVD Library at “In the Raw Organics/Gelato Carina” on Cleveland Avenue.


Sept 2010: CHANGE YOUR FUEL, CHANGE YOUR WORLD and BEARING DOWN ON TRANSPORTATION were the titles of our movie nights dedicated to transportation in September 2010. During the first evening, we examined our dependence on oil and the consequences of abusing our oil resources while exploring alternative energies such as solar wind, electricity and non-food based biofuels. Special guest Scott Kerr, from, shared with us his experience and thoughts on the alternatives to fossil fuels vehicles. In particular, Scott introduced us to the world of waste vegetable oil as an “immediate promise for sustainable transportation”.

Of course, there’s always the bike – come on, get on it, even The Animals know it makes sense!

On the second evening, we took a look at Portland’s vibrant public transport system as an introduction to the discussion about our own. Mick Gottardi (Director of Community Development, District of Squamish) presented the 2031 Multi-Modal Transportation Plan for Squamish; David Overbeck, Manager of Squamish Transit sent us home with high hopes for improvements to our bus system; and, we got to know two great ride-sharing/car-pooling programs that we need to start using asap: Jack Bell Ride-Share and Skwez.

Dumping Our Landfills

Dumping our Landfills was the title of a 2-part Melting Pot movie series and a field-trip dedicated to waste during January 2010. The movie+discussion nights focused on the subject of landfills and how to move away from them. A field-trip to the composting facility near Whistler served as a good complement to the events.