Household Battery Recycling

Since January 2010, Squamish CAN and the District of Squamish have offered the community a way to dispose of their used household batteries responsibly. Through our battery recycling program to date, Squamish residents have diverted approx. 488kg of batteries away from the landfill. The program has cost our Municipality approx. $1,800 — this may sound like a lot; however, the costs of sending these items to the landfill are higher than the eye can see.

Batteries contain caustic and acidic liquids, and toxic or hazardous metals such as mercury, cadmium, nickel, and lead. Recycling ensures hazardous materials are reused and not simply stored with the potential to cause problems in years to come as they are released into the environment and leach into our water systems. Even when toxic heavy metals are not present, there are environmental benefits to be gained from recycling all battery types, since reuse of reclaimed materials means that less mining is needed to obtain raw materials.

Squamish CAN is now pleased to announce that a FREE program to collect and recycle used household batteries has now been established Province-wide through a collaboration between the BC Ministry of the Environment and the non-profit Call2Recycle.

Squamish CAN has now carried out the transition to this new FREE program in all our previous collection points and we can continue to recycle our batteries (and cell phones!) at no cost. Take your used batteries and cell-phones to Nesters Market, Changes at Save On Foods, Extra Foods, Municipal Hall and the Squamish Adventure Centre, and place them in the boxes provided (see image below). You will notice that bags are provided – please bag only rechargeable & lithium batteries and cell phones.

Special thanks to; The District of Squamish, for help with logistics and financial support to date – it’s over now :) Squamish CAN volunteers, for all the running around with buckets full batteries! All collection points and managers at the stores, for accommodating this great service in their premises. All Squamish residents, for participating in creating a healthier community for us all – let’s keep it up!