Bike Rack Brigade

Squamish CAN installed bike racks at hot spots around town.

Farmers’ Market and Pavilion Park

July 2011 - Squamish CAN’s Bike-rack Brigade has worked in collaboration with Dobra Design and the District of Squamish to bring two bike-racks to Pavilion Park and the Farmers’ Market area. Every Saturday morning, it is wonderful to see so many bikes downtown; it was about time we had some racks so they are not all over the place, lying around. The demand is such, we do not expect two bike-racks will take care of it all, but Squamish CAN will continue to work to add more. Check out other Bike-rack Brigade missions below.

Photo: Farmers’ Market Manager Carolyn Morris (left), Squamish CAN Coordinator Ana Santos (centre) and DoS Operations Supervisor Scott Lamont (right).

Quest — Mission Accomplished!

June 2011 – Now you can enjoy your ride up to Quest; your bike will be safe! Squamish CAN’s Bike-rack Brigade has worked in collaboration with Dobra Design to bring a bike-rack to Quest University. Ride up, take in the views, enjoy lectures and excellent food knowing our bike-rack is there for you!

Railway Park — Mission Accomplished!

July 2011 – Paying a visit to the Railway Park? Take your time to enjoy it; no need to rush – your bike will be safe locked to our rack! Squamish CAN’s Bike-rack Brigade has worked in collaboration with Dobra Design to bring a bike-rack to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park. So, get riding, enjoy the trains, the markets and the events… your brand new bike-rack is right there!

Squamish CAN’s baking spree produces bike racks at the Chief!

PHOTO (by Katy Chambers, Senior Ranger for Howe Sound): Tue, Aug 31st 2010 – Park Supervisor Dave Zevick (left), Squamish CAN Coordinator Ana Santos (centre) and Squamish CAN Transportation Coordinator Brooke Carere (right) show us the best baking results! This is one of three bike-racks installed at Stawamus Chief Provincial Park.

DID YOU KNOW that approximately 60% of the greenhouse gas emissions in our community are generated by private vehicles?(1) Well, last year Squamish CAN identified Stawamus Chief Provincial Park as a hotspot, and the reasoning behind this label is pretty simple: Many Squamish residents visit the area on a weekly, even daily basis. If they could ride their bikes there and leave their vehicles at home, traffic along the Highway would be considerably improved and we would also rid our local atmosphere of a great amount of emissions.

The solution? Bike-racks! But how? There was no funding to be found, so… The solution? Baking for bike-racks! Squamish CAN members got busy baking and selling the goodies all summer! Howe Sound Area Supervisor Dave Zevick was extremely impressed with the initiative, so much so that, in turn, he managed to impress BC Parks, who ended up committing matching funds to the project.

The bike-racks are now in place and becoming more and more popular by the minute. Come on – get on your bike, ride up the trail, park your bike, and enjoy yourself! As from now, Stawamus Chief Provincial Park is committed to helping Squamish achieve clean air targets and emission reduction goals. You can do the same – whenever possible, ride your bike!


(1) Calculations provided by the Sheltair Group to the District of Squamish.