Veggie Oil Bus

Thanks to funding from Squamish Savings, the collaboration of Squamish CAN, and Camp Summit, Squamish’s first used veggie oil powered bus is on the road. Every year, this bus is used to transport over 2,500 youth during completion of outdoor and environmental programs, as well as hundreds of Squamish CAN supporters during events and field-trips. Not only will this bus will save money at the pump ($0 to fill up!) but it will also save over 5 tons of CO2 per year! This bus is also the perfect educational tool to complement these activities and spread awareness in the community.

Field Trips 2011

CITY FARMS ROAD TRIP – On June 10th, we enjoyed a first-class ride on the veggie-oil powered bus (compliments of Camp Summit!) to visit;

  • SOLEfood Farm in Vancouver — SOLEfood Farm provides training and employment opportunities to residents from Vancouver’s Downtown East Side to build, plant, maintain and harvest the farm. Check it out here.
  • The Fruit Tree Project in Richmond — In nine years, the Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project has harvested over 200,000 pounds of fruit and vegetables to give to those living with poverty. Check it out here.

SQUAMISH VALLEY FARMLANDS TOUR – On July 17th, we hopped on the bus (compliments of Sunwolf!) and spent the day reconnecting with the farms and food of the Squamish Valley;

  • Glacier Valley Farm - A pasture-based, local-market farm tucked away in the Squamish Valley.  Owned and operated by local farmers Steve Moir and Cory Balano, Glacier Valley Farm provides pasture-raised products including eggs, chicken, pork and lamb to people in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. Check it out here.
  • Rojo Pez Ranch – Situated in the idyllic Upper Squamish Valley, Rojo Pez Ranch provides free range pork and eggs to local consumers. The pigs, chickens and ducks at the Ranch are raised with care and lead happy lives. Check it out here.

A million thanks to Squamish CAN Food group member Carolyn Morris for organizing a wonderful day (read her account of it here), and to all participants for turning an educational experience into fun! Special thanks to Sunwolf for use of their bus and to Squamish Transit driver Ross for taking the wheel!