Take Back the Tap

Did you know that the quality of Squamish water is amongst the best in the country? Time to kick the bottle and take back the tap!Congratulations to the District of Squamish for leading the way: Our municipality has decided to “take back the tap”, improve access to public drinking water in our community, and phase out the sale and purchase of bottled water in municipal property. The Story of Bottled Water provides additional information about the problem.

Educational Screening of Tapped

Thanks for all the support for our event at Quest University! The screening of the education version of Tapped went well, we had an excellent turnout, and even managed to stay on time more or less. We had speakers talking about the bottled water industry, municipal drinking fountains in Squamish, the watershed we draw our water from, and how potable water is networked throughout our community.


In collaboration with the District of Squamish, we have produced a brochure on water conservation to be delivered to all households in Squamish.

Feel free to download the content in PDF.