February 21st, 2018
Re-Use-It Fair

Re-Use-It Fair

Squamish CAN organizes the Re-Use-It Fair.

First Re-Use-It Fair

Next Re-Use It Fair: Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Brennan Park, Squamish

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Squamish’s first ever re-use-it fair on April 16 was a roaring success, with hundreds of people coming and going, bringing their unwanted usable items and taking other people’s stuff away for free. An amazing amount of stuff changed hands and owners; kids’ and people’s faces were beaming as they looked through the piles and found wonderful treasures. The atmosphere was festive and educational, and the community’s enthusiasm and willingness to take positive steps towards waste reduction was visible and palpable through the day.

A million thanks to all those who volunteered their time and energy, and also to those who participated by bringing and taking stuff – the success of this event belongs to the whole of Squamish, a forward-looking town where we are ready to make the changes needed in our personal lives as individuals so we can collectively contribute to the health of our community. Landfills are costly and unhealthy – our landfill will be expanded and reconfigured this year; this is the perfect time to learn to stay away from it!

Third Re-Use-It Fair

In collaboration with the District of Squamish, Squamish CAN’s Re-Use-It Fair event is already setting forward-looking standards and inspiring trends. On Sat April 28, 2012 hundreds of people helped keep over 97 tonnes of material out of the landfill.


DSCF0063Fall 2011 – 185 vehicles – 70 tonnes of material – 2 tonnes landfilled     70 tonnes reused or recycled

Spring 2012 – 270 vehicles – 97 tonnes of material – 5 tonnes landfilled  92 tonnes reused or recycled

Lets Celebrate No More Free Dump Days!

Congratulations to the entire community of Squamish for participating and putting so much effort into changing our collective behaviour. Remember, waste reduction makes sense, and not just in an environmental way. Our landfill is currently being expanded; it is a big hole in the land but also in our financial plan – millions of our taxpayer dollars are being spent to patch it up! And how long is the new landfill going to last? They say just 5 years – can we really be happy with that!?

The success of events like the re-use-it fair tells us this is far from the case. We are obviously learning to be responsible not just over what we consume but in the way we dispose of our stuff too! :)

Special thanks to all our volunteers and supporters, including; the District of Squamish, Squamish Lions Club, Squamish Scrap Metal, Carney’s Waste Systems, Miller Capilano, Squamish Insurance, Squamish Re-Build and all the volunteers that helped out, this was our largest re-use-it fair to date!

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