February 21st, 2018

Squamish Climate Action Day

And where does it all begin?? In Valleycliffe! Yes, you heard it right – the solar revolution has arrived in the sun-deprived Squamish neighbourhood of Valleycliffe.

The Solar Revolution — Part 1

October 23rd 2010 was Squamish Climate Action Day. In collaboration with the Waldorf School, Squamish Savings, Quest University and Shaw TV, Squamish CAN volunteers set up our first ever demonstration site for alternative energy. Two solar thermal water heaters were installed at the Waldorf School in Valleycliffe and they are already delivering the wonders of the solar revolution to the school.

Our solar launch event at the Waldorf School took place during Squamish Climate Action Day celebrations. We cut the ribbon with our sponsors, toured the facility, demonstrated the efficiencies of the technology, watched the fun, educational video that Squamish CAN and Quest University students have produced about the project (watch it below!), … all under the positive, forward-looking auspices of the solar revolution!

Enjoy our project documentary, produced by Squamish CAN and the Quest University Media Group:

If you missed the launch event, you can still jump on the wagon of the solar revolution. You’re welcome to go take a look at the solar thermal heaters at the Waldorf School – who knows, it may work for you too! Feel free to send any questions our way.

Squamish CAN would like to thank;
The Waldorf School, for opening the door to a brighter future; Squamish Savings, for priceless funding; Quest University students, for their enthusiasm and hard work in film production; Shaw TV, for use of their equipment; Squamish CAN volunteers, for knowing no barriers!

The Solar Revolution — Part 2

On Nov 27th, Squamish CAN and many enthusiastic volunteers built an inexpensive passive solar air heater using pop and beer cans, and a variety of other recycled and cheap materials. This “solar sponge” is perfect to supplement heat for a workshop or garage, or help reduce your family’s household heating bills and carbon footprint. The finished product is now installed and working wonders at the Brackendale Art Gallery, but better yet, go take a look – see it for yourself!

Did you miss the workshop but you’d like to learn more? Here’s a photographic step-by-step guide to our project so you can easily build your own “solar sponge”! 😉

A million thanks to: Squamish CAN members and Squamish residents for the many hours of labour, and to the local businesses who have donated the materials to make this project possible: The Bottle Depot, Rona, Triton, and Ski Callaghan.

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