January 27th, 2015

The Squamish Green Christmas Guide

Keep Christmas a little Greener and lighter on the planet with ideas form ‘The Squamish Green Christmas Guide:” Creative gift ideas,  Zero Waste Wrapping and Decoration Ideas and how ...

November 20, 2014
Vertical Project
current projects

The Vertical Project – Phase One

This little 5 foot tall and 2 foot squared tower grows fresh organic vegetables more effectively and efficiently than growing food in the ground. By optimizing space, nutrients, and ...

June 27, 2014

Smoke Bluffs Park Vermicomposting Toilet Project

A vermicomposting toilet project at one of our communities busiest parks! This project will provide much improved outback toilet facilitates for Smoke Bluffs Park, while being a case study ...

Climate Action Resources

Water Resources

It simply doesn’t make sense to buy bottled water: Watch this video about a guy trying to sell bottled air to people in order to show the nonsense of ...

July 24, 2013
Climate Action Resources

Waste Resources

More information on waste and everything that has to do with it. The Story of Stuff How come we have so much stuff that we have to get rid ...

July 24, 2013
Climate Action Resources

Transport Resources

Learn more about greener transit systems. TRANSIT Everything you need to know about the Squamish Transit System can be found here. Information on the Squamish-Whistler Commuter bus can be ...

July 24, 2013
Climate Action Resources

Education Resources

BC Climate Action Toolkit – Healthy Community, Healthy Province, Healthy Climate. Local governments can make a significant contribution to the growing movement to protect the global climate. While much ...

July 8, 2013
Green Drinks

Green Drinks

Green Drinks is an informal gathering to share, learn and make connections with others about environmental issues.For everyone working on or interested in environmental issues. Join us and spread ...

February 12, 2013
Zero Waste
Zero Waste

Zero Waste Action Team

Squamish CAN Announces a New Initiative Zero Waste Action Team (ZWAT) Landfills are like black holes; resources go in and never come out. Our goal is to build strategies ...

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